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i1class is a Dhaka-based Ed-Tech company that delivers a unique ecosystem for Bangla Medium students and educators. A growing Hubspot partnered with E2, an Australian English Ed-Tech firm, for quality education that exceeds all your expectations.


The distinctive approach

1class is an eccentric approach to Bangladesh’s academic infrastructure by bringing back the golden era of schooling, where knowledge is meant to nurture wiser minds. Here, we help learners stay ahead of the curve by creating connections and equipping educators for the new revolution.

The Journey of Knowledge

How are the newer schooling practices devaluing the education quality? Students are more reliant on coaching and supplementary because of commercialized schooling. Even though ample online sources are available, students still prefer these secondary sources. Just a decade ago, the premise was very different.

The Journey

A S M Abdul Motin


A S M Abdul Motin was committed to bringing back the golden era. However, his vision for a progressive educational platform had a different outlook. There is a saying that a man without a purpose is like a ship without a rudder. Likewise, education is meaningless without an ideal.

Keeping that in mind, A S M Abdul Motin took the first step in bringing i1class to the students and educators of Bangladesh with a unique idea of providing an ecosystem of connections and quality knowledge that makes a better human out of education.

Mashrur Motin

Cofounder of i1class

Mehrab Motin

Cofounder of i1class

Nazmul Siddique

Academic and Technology Consultant

Abu Tayeb Muhammad Zahirul


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